Quite often in life we pursue anything and everything that presents itself our way, any how and randomly that if a passer-by may pause and ask why we are doing whatever we are doing at that particular moment, we may  lack concrete reasons to put across. The answers we may give them; may be such; “i don’t know”, i am just doing it”, i do not want to get bored”, and so many other unconvincing answers. This is a discussion i have been having with some friends of mine for some time now and every time we happen to meet. So the other day when we brushed over it again, i felt the urge to share my opinion regarding it, narrowing us down to this particular topic.

One of my friends was of the idea that people should live in the moment and enjoy life, embrace what comes across, take risks, let yourself loose then mistakes made in the process of “enjoying life”, will be corrected after wrongs have been made. I kept wondering; why cure if you can prevent? Which one is easier? This generation tends to do things the other way round which somehow seems easier at first but in the long run, turns out to be the hard way with heavy repercussions.

I was holding a different approach,( as always) far different from the “crowd”, i differed with the majority’s opinions. I was of the idea ( I am still) that not everything that we come across or comes our way in life is beneficial to us. We must not therefore get involved in all the nitty gritty parts of life even if there is no value added in the long run. We should stand to do things that make us better people, make us move forward, things that grow us and that are of benefit to us.

From that same crowd of my friends, another friend voiced that he didn’t see anything wrong with clubbing even after marriage. Of course to this i objected too. Just the idea of clubbing for starters, whether one is married or not,  is not okay with me when one already dedicates their lives to serve God. Majority of us think that marriage changes much concerning one’s characters. It doesn’t change anything at all. It is always a very big lie when we assume that marriage will automatically make one a better person if they weren’t so, before venturing into it. It is better to get used to some things before going into serious commitments like marriage, it may just remain a title in the long run, if we do not re-assess and re-enforce on our strengths. Marriage may never change who we are but it may just remain to be like any other passage of life that we go through before death.

Digressed a bit, back to our topic. Another thing that really holds the greater percentage of lives of individuals in this generation is movies. These are among the things that comes our way, that as youths we give so much attention and think our lives really  depends on the lifestyles inside those castings.We base our believes and thoughts on mere casts that are just money-making mechanisms.As a woman take for instance;  you do not want to cook to your husband, because the latest song says so and everybody buys it, “i aint yo mama.” Who are you not to do what everyone is doing? You ask yourself and buy that as well.Results later prove negative, you realize you aren’t everyone and you are bound to suffer alone.

Movies are regarded to be so important in the current generation, that somebody would rather stay up late to finish a series but never even read a single Bible verse and memorize. Skive church and lessons to go to a movie theatre, watch it as  3 D! Very important! So what if i have no idea what Game of Thrones is all about? Majority would term me as “boring” or “too tied up”, “needing a little bit of  loosening up.” “You do not know what you are missing!” I hold the opinion that there is so much more that can be done for fun, in a healthier way. Without double-standards of course.

I suggested to the friend who was talking about clubbing even in marriage, that’s there is double-dating plans where by one could go with another couple maybe out of the normal town set-up to some serene environs where the couples can bond, rejuvenate and share ideas. This is just one example out of the many ways to unwind in relationships in a Godly manner. But he insisted that even after the double-dating experience, clubbing must be included. I wondered silently the reason why there must be double-standards in life. At that point, i couldn’t  convince him otherwise no more and the others too. So i chose to stand alone from the group.

What i was  trying to argue in other words, is that, sometimes lack of knowledge of somethings in life, mostly the ones that do not really count in our lives is more beneficial than the knowledge of them, thus the topic; “Innocence sometimes counts more than awareness. I believe that there are some things in life, partly mentioned above, that if we we do not make ourselves aware of, we will never die and life will just be still intact and without a lot of struggles. In fact better. Somebody can be quick to object and defend themselves by saying that’s their way of having fun and there is no big deal after all.But the biggest question is, “how is you way of having fun helping you to serve God, does it encourage you more about Him or it is all about satisfying your  self desires?” We are able to do perfectly well without such things and thus  we should feel challenged to re-direct our energy in much better stuff, Godly purposes. I am of the opinion that sometimes it is better not to be aware of some things that brings more harm or rather to be able to enjoy them, you have to struggle first and all-through in the pursuit of happiness. Lets learn from Jesus, His yoke is the easiest and doesn’t require much.Mathew 11:28.

How many youths, including me, who have struggled to get through different addictions and some who are still struggling would not help but admit that their greatest wish in the midst of it all , is that they would not have not known about these stuff that seem good from outside but in reality they are packaged with deep heartaches and frustrations in the first place before getting involved in them. Name them: drugs, sexual immorality, gossip,gambling, to mention just but a few. At the introduction level dopamine plays with ones’ mind that these are in fact the best kind of ideas of having fun and boredom removers. At the juncture of being deeply rooted in, you probably feel empty, exhausted, angry and just like any other other thing that is not fun, is what such things prove to be. Something that once felt heaven, “the one thing you could not live without”, turn outs to be so normal or even so trashy that you do not even want to give it a second look. How sad! It is true we can pursue these things for years but we will never be satisfied, the realest satisfaction is only God.

This a pure illustration of how we invest our energies in very unfulfilling things that are limited, temporal and very unsatisfying. How good can it be if we turn back to Him. His love is guaranteed and is forever. It never harms or gives us any reason to fear. 1st John 4:18. 


The story of creation is the perfect example of all times. It explains how many a times knowledge of something brings us more destruction than it builds us. It harms us other than heal us. God had the perfect plan in mind for humans, by creating Adam and Eve but mid-way the serpent came in and disrupted it. Before the creation of Eve and serpent popping by uninvited, Adam was just living fine except for the fact that he needed somebody for companionship as was seen by God. Many a times we welcome stuff that should stay uninvited into our lives, we embrace them, make them feel at home,they form part of us then later we are left with regrets and disappointments hence lots of wars and jealousy in the world. Then we question the existence and love of God in the midst of all the madness we’ve created for ourselves. Proverbs 19:3. What we entertain that is beneficial should be regarded more than what harms us.

You see, the devil’s trick had been and will always be there to play with our minds, that there are better ways than the ones God have given to us, more appealing plans. The devil tries to convince people that his ways; are more easier, up to date, not so boring, easy to deal with, one do not have to be patient to achieve something or put up with something that they no longer have feelings towards. Eve was tricked this way. That whatever God had told them wasn’t good enough, there was something better in store that they needed to experience and enjoy. When we go Eve’s way and head to the devil; the aftermath of such experiences always harms us while accompanied with regrets, blames, frustrations, lack of self worth, rejection,fear; and yet again if we don’t turn away and allow Him to save us from such, the cycle continues. One heartbreak after the other in different spheres of life.Imagine all these packaged for one person as a box of gifts because they cannot just follow His commandments. There is no disappointments nor fear in the Lord, because fear has to do with punishment. 1st John 4:18. The many times we feel guilty and sad after various experiences in life, it maybe that we’ve done something wrong and so we fear and anticipate the punishment to come.

If something is from God it comes with confirmation, if  it’s not, it comes with confusion. So however promising something may look, but it is accompanied  with unending confusion there-by, it would be advisable to just stop pursuing such, so as to avoid getting hurt.

When such ideas that makes one digress from the truth, are presented to us, that there are  better ways than whatever God has provided, then brethren, let do ourselves  a favor and walk away. Standing your ground and defending your faith is not rude nor being too tied up. Let the world call you names but in return you will one day reign with Him when all is over. “When we endure with Him we will also reign with Him”; 2nd Tim 2.

I pray that we guard our hearts from various “uninvited visitors”and hence stop entertaining them, as far away as from the fence, before allowing them into the gates of our lives. Just the way one who is not infected yet is able to ran away from an Ebola infected person, is the same way we should ran away from these unhealthy stuff and stop seeking awareness of things that will do us more harm and reap us from our innocence there-by hindering us from knowing more about God. Be blessed.



For the past two months or so,  there have been a lot happening (bad things) in  our beloved country Kenya generally and other parts of the globe. Ranging from extrajudicial killings, road accidents, high school students demolishing school property, peaceful demonstrations turned into looting forums and killing innocent individuals to corruption in government (as always). Among others. There are quite uncountable. The Dallas shooting and more.

From the above excerpt, it’s quite clear that we are acting as though we are of the “world”, by the world’s impulse and standards. Doing things our way and how we feel, to please men (humans), to be considered or to remain relevant , conforming to the world standards generally. We are consumed deeply into the world, regarding what it approves of us and it’s definition of various spheres of our lives without considering what God really wants of us. Opposing His own set standards for us. What does God say about being friends with the world? Friendship with the world is enmity with God. James 4:4.

It is sad that individuals are so immersed in what the world values more than what God wants. In fact if one’s opinions emanate from the Word then the World would term such, as unrealistic, unreal, non-existence and more. So true, there is no day that light will ever merge with darkness, no surprise. The world will never understand many things, unless the word is embraced.

A lot have happened that are not beneficial  to the human race due to chasing the wind thinking it’s possible to catch it.Whatever or however the world holds in high regard turns out not to be the most valuable thing. Such are enveloped with so many disappointments and frustrations, but our Lord remains to reign.  In his song ‘what this world needs’, Casting Crown points out a number of things that the world and it’s people have held in high regard from the past, but they are not really what they need. On to it i am adding some.


The world does not need a sarcastic society; where-by you must do certain things so as to  be considered relevant or to remain relevant.Whether it is beneficial or not, whether it grows you or not, whether you are understanding certain things or the contrary, that is not considered, bottom line is relevance to the world.Therefore so as to belong to a certain school of thought, to be accepted and to be seen of value, one battles with baggage after baggage. There is more to these, that the world still lacks.

This world doesn’t need a prominent politician to  hide under the phrase of protecting people’s rights, endorsing their ideas, fighting against their predicaments while embezzling funds and enriching himself more.

This world doesn’t need a girl who can twerk with no work. I have  ever read a quote from some Godly site and let me share it, ‘When Bob met Ruth, she was not twerking but working’. What does the world endorse today? That one needs to twerk and twerk until they can no longer even walk. That way you are considered to be out-going and not old school.

This world doesn’t need a son who scores A’s but has no idea of who created him in the first place.

A prominent lawyer who uses ambiguous terms, competent in his field of work, dresses like a movie star, in this case Harvey Specter,  but all he cares about is winning cases and not providing justice is of no significance to the world. There are many like him,  we need to break the monotony.

This world doesn’t need my denomination or translation of the Bible or even religion, if all I care about is to show how righteous I am or how better I am than the non-believers. We’ve all fallen short of His glory and there is none who is righteous. It is by His grace that we are saved. Ephesians 2:8-9. All those good deeds that people hide behind are just but filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6 . So if all a christian is concerned about is to make others feel awful and undeserving because of their unbelief other than finding a way to bring them to Christ, then it’s all vanity. God is happy when one sinner changes his ways and comes to Him other than a nation boasting about belonging to Him without doing anything towards His kingdom.

Further, there is no help to the world through a socialite whose main and only concern is to show her prowess on  how she can devour any man she wants and as a result gain all the material stuff that are considered of value, while living large. Anyone who opposes her in the process of her being at “work” , could be termed as judgy, in fact fancy phrases are adopted to protect such characters, i.e , “do you”, “do what makes you happy”, “do not judge” and more. Truth be reaped openly, there is more that the world needs other than these such shallow ideas. Parents who work late and have no time for their children are of no importance to the world. What will be of use of  all those investments when the child you’ve been working for all through your life is caught up in drugs and can never reason without the help of weed.

NOTE: Not  all the activities mentioned above there are bad, or rather I am not saying that they should not be all pursued.But here is the caveat. In whatever one is doing, they should not be consumed so deeply in them that they forgot what God expects of them. Such things turn into small gods, stealing God’s place in one’s life, yet Our God is a jealous God. Worship Him alone. In fact God’s will should override everything in a human’s life.

PROSperfect quote.jpg

What this world really needs is a Savior. The first most basic need in a human-being’s life is JESUS. By Him dying he had already saved us from different bondages, idols and various stuff that we pursue and put our all into,  then in return we are left high and dry. Hollow, desperate and sad. Jesus is everything. Sounds old school and too rigid, right? Nothing good ever came easily anyway.

We need a Savior who means His words, one who fulfills His Promises. He who loves us unconditionally. The world promises us love, but it  will never match that given to us by Christ. World’s level of love is so conditional, unsatisfying and limited. I choose Love from Christ, it is unconditional, always satisfying, guaranteed and it’s forever. When every other thing will have ended, His Love gonna remain. 1st Corinthians 13:8.

Christ is the Father who cares more about our inside than the outside. Whatever is in our hearts is more important than what is outside. For what will it profit a man who gains the whole world but loses his own soul? Matthew 16:26. He is the one who loves us most in our times of needs and always. He provides us with lasting solutions to our worries. The Lord is not happy when we worry. I once heard an amazing Bible verse interpretation from Hope Fm, that’s relevant to this context.. It was about Moses the prophet,  when he was leading Israelites out of Egypt. God had been faithful  to them all the way,  then at some point they forgot about Him and turned to their evil ways and desires, to the point of worshiping other gods. God was not happy and punished  them for their actions. At that point they started worrying if really God cared for them anymore. But the Almighty God was watching closely and last He fulfilled His promise to them and they made it to the promised land despite their wickedness. So the interpretation highlighted that,  “many a times we as humans we turn away from God and we get involved in various vices that do not please God. As result we never get satisfied,  we start to worry and question the existence of God. Despite all these, our God never forsakes us.”

When a child doesn’t go by the set rules and as a result turns out to be unruly in the society, who is to blame? It’s the child’s father(parents). They take in all the shame and ridicule. So beloved when we can’t acknowledge that we are sinners before Him and that we need His brokenness then we turn Him into a liar. 1st John 1:10.

The moment we realize that Jesus is all we need, then every other thing  will follow suit.Mathew 6:33. All our desires will be provided to us. But sometimes we ask and do not receive because our intentions are not good.  We ask amiss. So we must ask with good intentions but not for our own pleasures. God doesn’t want that.James 4:3.

Beloved brethren, all that we need at this point in time and always so as to make the world a better place, is the GREAT I AM. He will wipe all those tears and frustrations and make everything good, just as He had already designed during creation. This will only  happen if we heed to His call.





IPlaceholder Image agree with the mantra that states that “Being a father doesn’t  automatically make you  a dad but a sperm donor”. It seems like a normal trend nowadays for mother’s to bring up children by themselves without their dads in the picture. It’s not by surprise when a man feels that he is doing enough just because he gets to provide for the child’s food, school fees and gets to see them only once in a year.This gives him an opportunity to brag the way he has a son or a daughter but never even gets to know what the child likes, what makes them happy and how sometimes they prove difficult to deal with, but their mothers are bound to go all through those alone. Financial support is not everything when it comes to bringing up a child correctly. A lot of stuff counts, ranging from morals standards, parent’s presence, religion and to the everyday activities that people that are in the environment surrounding the child involve themselves in. It is of importance that both parents  consider these as the key things but not only the dad.

To be a dad one needs to be fully involved in their children’s life irrespective of a job occupation or any life circumstance. Make time for them, they’ll appreciate.

God’s perfect intention is for a man and a woman to be each others companion, multiply and fill the earth. (Genesis 1:28). This is to show that a woman should not be left alone in this journey, while multiplying and filling the earth, one also has to add and come up with what equals to cater for them and strive to be present in their lives as well.


God chose Joseph to be the earthly father of Jesus.( The complete genealogy of Jesus Christ is in the book of Mathew 1:1-17). On this script a lot of emphasis will revolve around how  Jesus came to be, His birth and more of how Joseph portrayed His love for Mary and Baby Jesus by the help of God, making him more a dad than just a father. This is for summary purposes.

Now the birth of Jesus came about this way, Mary was betrothed to Joseph but before they could get intimate, it came out that she was already with a child. In Jewish culture this was an abomination ( having a child out of marriage) , due to this Joseph contemplated on divorcing Mary just like any other man would do when they realize such an occurrence. But he decided not shame her publicly and therefore opted on divorcing her secretively.

While he was still contemplating on the issue, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him to take Mary as a wife as she had conceived by the power of the holy spirit. Joseph complied. This in a way shows that Joseph was obedient enough to heed God’s instructions without question. He was a truly man of God. In today’s world is it possible to find such an individual with such great faith? Quite a challenge.

Despite everything, Joseph stood by Mary. From the beginning to the end. A good dad should strive to stand by his family regardless of anything. Be it through financial constraints or any  other challenging circumstance. We are told that Jesus was born in one of the poorest backgrounds but this never wavered Joseph’s faith in God. He was just a carpenter but one who had reverence for the Lord.

After the birth of Jesus it was revealed by Wise men that He will be the King of Jerusalem. When Herod the reigning king at that time heard of it, he was so much disturbed because he had already imagined his overthrow. Due to this,  Herod sent for the wise men and told them to bring him the child so that he could also worship Him. The Wise men were being led by a star to where the child was born. They presented their gifts but never returned to King Herod after being warned in a dream not to. At that point angel of the Lord  for the second appeared to Joseph and instructed him that they were to flee to Egypt because the baby was in danger. This, they heeded to as well.

On Herod’s realization that he had been duped by the wise men, he got angry and therefore he summoned that all male children were to be killed in that region,  as from two years and below, and this he had presumed  according to the time of revelation by the wise men. The killing of babies was also to fulfill Jeremiah’s prophecy.

Later when Herod died. Joseph was again instructed by the angel of the Lord to take the child and his mother and return back to Nazareth for whoever was after His life was no more. They set back and started a new life there.

Throughout the life of Jesus, Joseph was present. He took Him to the temple for representation and got involved himself in His welfare. He also taught him carpentry as this was his occupation. Though just but a summary, we can see how Joseph presented the perfect illustration of a dad the way it was intended by God. Through this we can point out the characters of a good dad as portrayed by Joseph.

They include;

  • Have reverence for the Lord and obey His commandments and instructions.
  • Stand by his family no matter the circumstances.
  • Trust in the Lord
  • Lead the family towards God, pray together, go to church together, introduce his children to God.
  • A good dad must be disciplined for him to be able to discipline his children and also for the children to emulate his character, the character should be good.
  • He must teach his children how to work and the importance. One who does not want to work should not eat. (2nd Thessalonians 3:10).
  • He should go out of his way for the sake of the family regardless of any circumstances.
  • Above all, a good dad must love his family for all these to be possible. I guess if it was not love, Joseph could not have done all  that he had done for Mary and baby Jesus, though He was also accompanied by the holy spirit.

Moving on from Jesus’ story,there is just a category of men that really need to be recognized and  to be praised.  These are the born- again men, who follow God’s word on how to lead their house-holds and they tend to bring things back together when they are scattered allover, because they value love above any other thing.

It is not like these type of men are not prone to temptations of  today’s world, but it is because they chose to believe in God to deliver them from such. Before telling God how the world is full of sin, temptations and a lot of problems to face, first believe that your God is superior than all those. One only chooses to bring up excuses about a particular thing because they are not for it. Nothing should hinder a person to realize the full purpose why God created them and how to fulfill it.


I cant always help but admire and appreciate the men who choose to stand by their wives daily, loving them unconditionally while being part of their children’s lives effortlessly, despite the crazy regimes cropping up  concerning family matters.These type of men deserve to be  congratulated and to be told how good they are. There is always a wrong presumption that if you tell a man how wonderful they are, in their deeds or looks, then they are probably bound to use that against their partners.  That maybe true somehow if he was doing good things to be noticed and for the wrong cause, but if he knows that they are the right things to do and it appeases God, then they deserve to be made aware of how good they are. At least women should notice such efforts and appreciate them. I don’t think there is any individual who would like to be always working but in return their efforts go in vain. Even God Himself was pleased with His work after creation. Let’s practice to appreciate each others efforts every chance we get.

It’s not like this type of men are weak, meek and boring as the society may try to bring it out sometimes. They know their purpose in life and what God created them for. They would rather cancel a football match with the boys to stay at home with their wives or even baby sit and that’s so cute. The idea that the world nowadays portrays that a full macho man or a black man should not be overwhelmed with the wife and so not to do some things for her is so wrong. What is wrong with a man who helps his woman with household chores? Fixing dinner, changing the baby, spreading the bed and any other little stuff. I believe it doesn’t make one less of a man but shows his love for his woman.Though to this there is a disclaimer, it should not be an avenue now for the lazy women to lie around and turn their husbands to be beasts of burden to them. One should just carry out their duties as expected of them always.

When God tells us that partners should stick with each other for better or worse, it is not only the literal meaning. It is also by the everyday doings to each, for each other, the unspoken acts of love.

Men who forego their ways to do these little things but yet speaks volume for their families should be applauded on an every day basis, they are the real men, they deserve pats on the back. . Society should strive to raise such breed of men. Who value women. Raise boys into men who know that a woman should be loved unconditionally, not encouraging behaviors that lose respect for women.

Young boys should be taught that having a number of women is not stylish rather it shows how one has self-esteem issues and need assurance from more than one woman. They should get to know how to relate with the opposite sex from the Bible, what is healthy to both parties. In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, there is a part where it is emphasized that one should stay unmarried but due to a lot of immorality, one is encouraged to marry to avoid fornication. “To flee fornication each woman should have his own husband and each husband his own woman.“(Corinthians 7:2).

The society has made it so easy for youths and any other unmarried person to get intimate with each other, it is so normal that the other parties who chose to wait till marriage are the ones considered abnormal and crazy. I mean, what is so wrong with waiting for God’s perfect promise and following His word. I stand quite amazed. The people who are busy now, doing things meant for married couples, what will they be doing when their marriage time comes? Or the ones who subscribe to the school of thought that one should at least  have a little bit of experience here and there before marriage, who would want to get married to such an exhausted soul? Patience with God’s purpose never hurts.


Being a family man – leadeth the family on God’s path, build the family’s foundation on Godly standards, minds the welfare of his family, family should come first for him.

Responsibility conscious– Render his duties as expected of him, i.e providing for the family accordingly and  is the head of his house.

Prayerful – a dad should lead his family closer to God. Championing prayers before any other activity in the home.

Love unconditionally the mother of his children, the children as well and the people around him.This makes everything easy and workable as Love fulfills the law.Romans 13:10

He should be accommodative and willing to compromise to make things work for his family.

A good dad must be disciplined to provide a platform for his children to emulate his good deeds. Hebrews 12:7.

Impart good deeds on his children and  be able to correct them when they are wrong; spare the rod spoil the child.Proverbs 23:13.

The same way Joseph taught Jesus how to work and being responsible, A dad should deem it fit to impart life skills,importance of work and generally how to be responsible on their children.

He should stand to be corrected, an individual who never wants to be corrected is foolish in the Lord’s presence. Proverbs 12:1

To be kind and slow to anger– one is allowed to get angry but not sin in the process as a result of the anger; yet again the sun should not go down when one is still hungry. Ephesians 4:26-27. This anger part turns out to be tricky as one is allowed to get angry but he or she should refrain from committing sin through bad reaction which may not please God. One should also practice the art of being slow to get angry.(James 1:19). God doesn’t acknowledge offerings brought to Him when one is angered or is in disagreement with another. He instructs that the parties should resolve their differences first, reason enough He never accepted Cain’s sacrifice i guess.(Mt 5:23).Seems like there is a lot to consider on Anger itself, let’s hope it will be the next post on the blog.

This is for every dad on this father’s day and the dads’s to be. As always your comments are welcomed and your views counts.  To the women appreciate a dad on this day and recognize their efforts. To all the dads, this is my gift for you. Enjoy with love.


Placeholder ImageWhen the authors of the book, “The Wait”(Devon Franklin and Meagan Good) remarked that “Home is about the person more than the place, they were so right. I can’t help but converge with them totally on this.

A penthouse decorated and furnished with all kinds of the modern day ideas and materials of a home is not a home when the people living inside it cannot even drink  water only together. You see, you can own gazillion of things and even rule the world but at the end of the day if you dread going “home” because there is nothing much to consider  about it then you may be living  a very big lie. At the end of the day, are you able to come to a total rest because your home always welcomes you? Gives you peace, you are always at ease and  it gives you room to ponder on the happenings of the day? Lets tackle different approaches of a home and how one becomes a home to the other more than the place.


When God created man and a woman, He wanted them to coexist peacefully and help each other that’s why He provided a companion for Adam at the garden of Eden. His own son represents God’s love for a home where there is emphasis that a man should love His wife totally the way Christ loves the church,(Ephesians 5:25). The idea of  a home and marriage generally is an illustration of God’s love for His People and at times i wonder why individuals turn their homes into battlefields. Further God instructs that a man shall leave his parents and become one with the wife.(Genesis 2:24), the moment one decides to marry in God’s way the two become one. It’s quite strange the way somebody is eager to hurt their own self in their home. There is no place that Christ says that the two will punch each other, hurt each others feelings, compete  with each other then when they grow weary , they are to run away from each other. The “world’s” ideas of a home is so wrong to the point that after 6 months of cohabiting together one is allowed to legalize the union or rather it counts as a marriage just because things were bought together, both invested on each other and more crap that do not really count in God’s kingdom,(Kenyan law). These are the alleys that are in place to hinder God’s ways and what He really intended for man-kind.

Further Christ emphasizes that when a couple decides to become one and make a home , they are bound to live there forever until death part them.In worst seasons, whether the man breaks his limbs and can no longer go to work, God still expects the woman to stick by Him, (Mathew 19;6). Because that is the true meaning of Love that He designed for us. He already knows how He will sustain you to the end, with money or without, it’s just a matter of faith. The couples of the “world” are so selfish to a point that they can try  to make a home together, because everyone else is doing it why not them? Then after  a while they may realize it is not in their favor, they tear each other apart, disappear and become total strangers. God is not happy when such occur. Brethren, let’s involve God in our lives to avoid mistakes of omission and commission.


In a home, man is the head of the house,(Ephesians 5:23) the same way Christ is the head of the church. He is expected to act like a leader and provide exclusively for the family. Responsibility is paramount and love for the wife. The idea that men of today find it so comfortable to thrive under a woman’s roof without providing anything and has no plan to be the man of the house mesmerize me. Lack of a job is not an excuse, are you doing something about it, or just lying around to be fed by the woman! I beg to differ with the school of thought that implies that a woman should provide equally with a man in a home, to help is of essence, to the same standards is a lie.

Just as already mentioned in the first paragraph, a man should strive to love his wife unconditionally not based on her  performance nor looks. A  truly Christ centered man overlooks the conditions put in place by the world when it comes to loving his wife. He values his wife and is aware that she is sent to him by the  Lord and thus He rejoices while making her happy. In proverbs this is clear, 18:22;” He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord” and further 19:14, it is made clearer; “A prudent wife is from the lord.” If not from the above, one may look for a good wife in the whole world but never will he ever find her.

A man who is a “home” to his wife and children , is the one who;

  • Who is the head of the house and therefore is responsible and provides exclusively for the family.
  • Loves his home unconditionally; wife, children and other people in it.
  • Respects the wife
  • Agrees to compromise and find solutions to challenges other than sweeping them under the carpet.
  • Ready to stick by his wife forever no matter the circumstances.
  • Stands to be corrected; proverbs 12:1; “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge but whoever hates correction is stupid. A lady should consider this before settling down, tell me who would want a stupid man for a husband anyway.
  • Puts in consideration the wife’s needs, including conjugal rights; 1 Corinthians 7:4.
  • Corrects his children; Proverbs 13:24


A good wife is her husband’s pride and joy but a wife who brings shame to the husband is like cancer in his bones; Proverbs 12:4. Such profound remarks! Indeed it is every man’s joy to have a wife whom he is proud of and he is assured she cannot shame him before his friends and folks. Ladies before crying out loud to the Lord for a good man, here is a challenge; are you the good wife by God’s standards? Are you submissive in your nature? Or every time it is a competition with your husband in your world. It is not a surprise to hear a lady say that submission for ladies is so old school but she is still waiting for “Mr RIGHT”to one day come love her unconditionally just as Christ loves the church.There is no other way to go about this ladies, it’s either your in or out, no double standards to be applied. “Wives submit to your husbands as to the lord, for the husband is the head of the wife as the Christ is the head of the church”, Ephesians 5:22. This could maybe help reduce the battles couples fight in marriages nowadays. Doing your wifely duties is another bonus for a good home, cook well for your family, welcome guests, take of your children , husband included , read and practice the word too with them, a good wife maintains her home. Proverbs 31:10-31 expounds more on this.

A good wife who represents a home to her husband and children, is one who;

  • Knows the Lord and does as He commands
  • Does her duties
  • Respects the husbands
  • Submits to her husbands authority as the head of the house; 1 Timothy 22:11-15
  • Sticks to her husband through thick and thin
  • Supportive and wise; she does not bring up her family issues as subject of discussion to women groups but talks to the Lord about it.
  • Puts her husbands needs in consideration, 1 Corinthians 7:4-14
  • Corrects her children and she also stands to be corrected

         THE CHILD

Children are given a promise by God that by honoring their parents they’ll live long. This is the first commandment with a promise.(Exodus 20:12). A good child that honors his parents is their joy and pride and this facilitates a peaceful home.

There is nothing as annoying as going back home to a truant for a child, one who  never follows the set up rules and one who does not obey his parents. It is so true that the person who is not taught by the mother,  the world awaits to teach him. Thus when a child is still young and still learning from the parents, he or she should be corrected when wrong  or else the world takes over. Proverbs 13:24. A child who is not taught well tends to figure out how things run own their own way, ranging from internet, to other children, to imitating people around them. It is of importance for parents to consider on what to impart on their children as they grow up for a better tomorrow. Allocating time to guide them is also important.

A good child is one who;

  • Obeys his or her parents
  • Stands to be corrected, “a wise son heeds to his fathers instructions but a mocker doesn’t respond to rebukes”; Proverbs 13.
  • Helps the parents and the community at large.
  • Provides peace to his or her parents
  • Performs allocated duties


This is one of the parables Jesus told to His disciples. I will summarize by highlighting the relevant parts to this context. The same way it could have happened in this day and time, one of the sons in this story, decides to tell his dad to apportion him his part of estate so that he could go and “find his life in the city”. Note that he was the younger son, he takes what belongs to him and sets off to far away city from home where he lives wildly and in not so long he runs bankrupt. I guess this son was a difficult child to deal with, he did not like following set up rules, that is why he even considered leaving home and going to live by himself.

After bankruptcy catching up with him he decides to go feed pigs where-by he could  also eat from the same mess. During that period he remembers about “Home” where there they had everything, even his father’s servants had more than enough to eat, and he considered going back. From this statement, it’s clear that when the environment of a home is favorable  and people in it, then those even who ran away consider by themselves to come back without being called.

The prodigal son takes account that he is wrong and sets another journey to go back home.We are told that  while along the way, his father spotted him and ran to meet him and gave him a long embrace. This another illustration of love. The father was more of a home to the son that their place. The wealth he had squandered did not really matter to him but his son mattered. Here is a challenge; are we able to be “home” to the people who have wronged us and still welcome them back ?  Be able to overlook their bad deeds?

Nevertheless of what the prodigal son had done, the father organised a great feast and chose from the best  of his livestock so that they could celebrate his return.  Further this is another indication  of a home being the person more than the place. No matter what he had done he still remained his son, he was offered the best of what the dad had to welcome him back. How many of us would decide not to give such a son nothing at all because he is irresponsible? To teach him a lesson?

Meanwhile the older brother tried to convince his father otherwise but the father insisted on receiving the younger son, why? Because it is at home where wrongs are made right, where when you are considered lost by the world, you are reassured that you belong, where your are given another chance. 

In conclusion lets summarize what a home is,

  • Home is where people are willing to compromise on their divergent views to reach a consensus.
  • Home is where wrongs are made right, when the whole word can’t take you in, your home welcomes you, assures you that everything is okay.
  • Home is where you are forgiven and given a chance to change for the better. Caveat;Note that this should not be a lee way for an individual to go make as much mistakes as he or she can then come back expecting forgiveness because they have such a good home.
  • Home is where one flaws are overlooked.
  • It is where people involve God in all their plans, pray together, practice the word and let God’s will to reign in their lives.
  • Home is where people are ready to be corrected when  they are wrong, value the family and protect each other.
  • Home is where honesty is encouraged.
  • Home is where one’s flaws are overlooked.
  • Home is where people focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past.
  • One is at home if he or she can share anything with people around whether good or bad without with-holding a thing.
  • A home is not a battle-field nor a war-zone. It is not a competition arena where everybody should prove how right they were and the other was wrong.
  • A home is where people mind the welfare of others, spur each other to do good.Hebrews 10:24
  • Home is where one feels excited about, after along day of un- fulfilling occurrences they are received back without any prejudice.
  • Home is where people focus on forgiving each other, letting go of the bad, mending broken relationships, pride is not in their language.

These may not be the conclusive list of what a home is and how one can become a home to the other more than the place. Therefore your comments are welcomed .

I just want to challenge us to ponder on these;

  • What types of homes are we to those we live with?
  • Or are we even homes in the first place to the other people?
  • Do people that we live with feel threatened to come back home after along day because we care less about them?
  • What are we doing to be good homes the way Christ designed?








It’s quite unfortunate that we as humans we are able to invest our energy, drives and time on worldly stuff then the little portion remaining or none at all is what we offer to God. With the moving trends, educational expectations, lifestyle variations; standards are set that one has to fit and do what has to be done to attain a certain level of life which is considered classy, fulfilling, well-off and to be considered “slaying”,the way cool kids would term it.

Individuals hunger for everything and anything presented on board with all their might, searching everywhere from the internet, to people’s ideas, to movies, but never pause for a second to ask on God’s will on whatever they are seeking. It is  okay for one to go to the best schools, secure a good job, live lavishly and never even once go to church. It is true that going to church does not make you a christian, but knowing and having a concrete relationship with Him is of essence. Working smart to improve one’s lifestyle is not bad or even moving up the success ladder. In fact our God is happy and concerned about our welfare just as seen in the book of Jeremiah 29:11-13, how most of us approach it, is the issue.

Life standards and human standards have put it normal for one to busy themselves with finding a means to bring food on the table without minding what kind of means it is, the mean justifies the end. Whether it involves killing someone, dating your classmate’s father , stealing or even bribing. If you present a contrary opinion or different approach to these set standards, then your are likely to be considered meek and that stupid person who is busy maintaining moral standards as your age mates are owning plots on ice lands by just one shot. It just expounds how greed for material things is evident and highly approved.

Mediocrity presented to Christ is when one decides not go to church because they do not feel like. It is when you can’t make it to church because your car broke down; what used to happen before you had it?  It is when you decide to stay in because it does not matter anyway, nobody will question you, or you decide to stay in because your head is heavy from the previous night’s happenings and you are down nursing a hangover, or a better plot has been presented where-by you and your friends are gonna hang out, eat out, bond, take some pics then post on IG, caption being on how you slayed. It is when you decide to go to a business trip and never have time for God.

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May God deliver us from life chains that are considered fancy.

It’s beyond me to fathom on how one can educate their child on everything else but never involve Christ at the center of it all, but yet again expect everything to run smoothly. He says that seek my kingdom first and everything else will be added unto you; Mathew 6:33.

Without involving God in all we do, then it is better to just rest because it equals to nothing, all vanity. I often pause and ask myself that if God decides one morning not provide for you because He woke up not feeling like then what happens next? Or He does not deliver to you because He is not in the mood! Let nothing hinder us from serving Christ and letting His Will reign in our lives, all these material things that human cherish will one day perish but His word will be there forever. Continue reading “MEDIOCRITY FOR CHRIST”